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There are many books on neural net computers. None will explain the really important difference between the bio neural nets and semiconductor nets. There are many books on the brain, but they are stuck telling right from left. There are many, many books on neuro-linguistic programming. Many psychology books by Freud and Jung try to link them to the origins of religion.


None of these books have the insight to link them together and raw courage to take them all into the most dangerous places. Explaining where no one has explained before and sometimes should not be explained at all. Is writing this book courageous or stupidity; determination or arrogance? I have asked myself that question and to be honest, this book scares me. For the last 20 years I have been trying to rewrite a less controversial version. But to no avail.


I have gone through many lands (technology) and seen others at a distance.

The Catholic church; Jung; Freud; the technocracy party; candidacy in the representative party, both leading and following; neural net computing; computer networking; neuro-linguistic programming. Many very educational failures.


In 2014 I had a near death experience which pointed out that my future was much shorter than my past.


So, the time for rewrites is over and I must go with what I’ve got. There is no time left and quite literally "Now is the only time I actually own".

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