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The Symbolic Mind Enterprise

Life is a Team Sport

The path to releasing the power of the deep unconscious is revealed in the power of Trances.

Practice programming and prayer is all about focus and attention

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The neural net computer has given us a tremendous perspective on human behavior. It explains a lot about human behavior and the evolution of thoughts.

The universe we deal with cannot run on a single idea but thats exactly what we have when we start to develop. This is the problem of cell division when the most used pathways continue to divide and replicate. 

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The Word Of God

A forward to all books

You cannot see me when somebody else shows me to you

You do not hear me when somebody speaks to you

You cannot 

feel me when somebody else hands me to you

You do not know my rightness or wrongness when somebody else interprets me

When you are alone in a dark room and candle only you the book your unconscious mind and God and somebody else is NOT there.


I am not this book or collection of ideas.

I Am the word

I am the technology of GOD

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