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The almost power of positive thinking

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

The most quickest easily provable benefit of positive thinking is the amount of negative thinking that doesn't occur. Learning how to use the jewish avatar of the new testament through prayer is another level of practice. Every second of trying something good is avoiding something bad.

PS: video games are not trying something good.

obsessive Compulsive thinking can be interrupted by something completely different.

some kinetics events such as tapping, physical exercise, some people start a different argument.

Other people run around without their clothes on.

The long hot bath being the most common.

actual exercise with signs and a mindset that says "too lazy for laundry", too green for laundry,or even a sign of " it doesn't fit yet"

Or the most Current SOCIAL DISTANCING

watch your self talk it matters every thought you think can destroy you

positive thinking works because it replaces negative thought so think out loud

your speech centers also need to be engaged

be careful of your avatar to find a ecological solution you must use a pacifist avatar

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