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Life coaching because life is a team sport

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

We depend on people for help but we use people for something much more dangerous.

we use them to think with. NLP has clearly demonstrated that we store maps of people in our minds. But have you considered what we do with those maps.

We have a map of our mothers that we formed when we were a month or 2 old NLP tells us that the map is not the territory. This for a 2 month old child is obviously true but it only gets marginally better.

From the perspective of a baby mother is god. And what she says is LAW.

We not only have a bad map of our mothers but our mothers also give us rules to live by which are consequentially messed up.

All those rules are labeled MOTHER and the ICON of those rules are also MOTHER

Those rules are programs necessary to live by. Consequently:


These rules become patterns of behavior mother father sister brother are people but we have maps of them in our minds rules to go with them. These maps were laid down when we were very young and the programs we make out of them they are potentially inaccurate too.

My mother physically died in 1992 but then again she didn't. My mother is still rock-in and roll- in in my mind not an absolute power as she used to be but still there moving me in unexpected directions. The mother program is not the only person we make programs out of but it is the most universal. Pick your friends and heroes carefully if they fail you and continue to do things that that are not ecological for you then you can easily die from it.

If however your heroes are dead this leaves you in control. Jesus Christ is one of those dead pacifist heroes that will never betray you.

Welcome to the world of Avatarian Psychology and the power of prayer.

Don't leave your life under control of others.

Control your life "use Prayer"

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