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What is religion anyway.

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

The whole question of religion was clearly framed by the conflict between the egyptian empire and their slaves.

Moses really did define the nature of the jews and their place in history.

Moses and his survival at the war of the exodus and battle of the red sea really changed the nature of religion.

He was an Egyptian Rebel who was disowned by the Egyptians as a traitor to his people.

He was embraced by the slaves as their savoir.

The Egyptians viewed religion as as battle between pharaoh and the oppressive manipulating gods that had to be guarded against and appeased.

Moses viewed the gods as subordinate to the one God that protected the people because he loved them.

But instead of using godly images and personality cults of priesthoods. He abandoned images and personality cults he believed corrupted the Egyptian empire. He embraced the new technology of the written word and freedom from personality cults of priesthoods and pharaohs.

Yes the written word was still a very young technology at the time.

Moses made the written word the technology of GOD.

As an NLP practioner and life coach I try to create a symbiotic relationship between conscious and the unconscious .

As a a philosopher and neural net computer programmer i ask how do we control what needs to be done through neural nets.

Creation and control are not actually possible because we are dependent on both systems recognizing positive and negative out comes.

Computers don't care about survival.

The brain is a computer and computers are designed to find accurate data store accurate data and display accurate data.

Accurate data is Truth and so is God

God is not about survival God is about accurate data and inaccurate data NOT survival. Survival is a side effect not the object.

As an NLP practioner i help my clients with accuracy of measurement not outcome.

Being obsessed with process instead of outcome allows me to keep my Technocratic industrial complex to my self.

But we are not alone.

The primary mission of the deep unconscious

is safety connection love and respect.

its method and handling of information is to

Find accurate data store accurate data display accurate data.

since accurate data is truth so is God

our mission has always been to

find God Store God Display God.

The methods we use handle our neural net computers

is prayer practice and Programming.

It is this approach i expect from all clients.

Prayer is not just communicating with higher beings. Those higher beings don't JUST live in your head. The gods are in your head because that's the fast cheap and easy way we can perceive elements and patterns of own logic . I say this again because its really important to understand our most efficient method of talking to ourselves is by using avatar-ian psychology. Humanizing areas of knowledge is really old and really valuable. It has been done even before the Egyptians but it is the Egyptians who's pictures have endured the test of time.

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