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whos a religion

Everything about using neural-net computers is about focusing narrowing selecting compressing the options These are all trance words. Trance is the only way to use neural-net computers.

The question is what level and type of trance are you in. uses the Human Symbolic Logic Theory created by myself.

HSL is a blend of Neural net computer science by many authors and Neuro-linguistic Programming Created by Richard Bandler and John Grinder Jungian and Freudian Psychology and the hundreds of legendary philosophers. Some of this is also written by the monsters of human history. Of course, there are also dozens of the major religions who as it turns out we're the first applied psychologists.

Religion was very clearly the first application of neural net computer science. Religions invented prayer the first trance manipulative technique to be under the control of the conscious mind.

While there are many other biochemical and social trances that control our thoughts. Prayer remains the only one under the control of the individual by the individual.

Prayer has two very distinct methods of application. The first is meditative trance control and the second is social trance control. Social trance control is used by the tribe to control the individual. Whereas meditative Trance control is used by the individual to control the individual.

The implications are enormous and the details many and beyond the scope of this post.

The Human symbolic Logic theory I believe will help the discussion.

More precisely Religion is all about placing a social group in charge of a model of the universe stored in the deep unconscious of the individual and the collective. Whether that Group is the catholic church the communist party or 3 guys and a jug of beer or even the hivemind of the internet we all use some social media to check our database of facts. Religion is a basic necessity of the neural net computer.

What do you think “Be careful your checking”

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